What does it cost? $35 for most.


$35 covers most residential properties. This includes up to 4 valves / zones for a system on pressurized irrigation. For larger properties we charge $5 per additional Zone. Those on city water or wells with back flow prevention or irrigation water with a private pump will add $10 as this equipment requires more tools, time and skill to properly winterize. Key words lawn sprinklers winterization sprinkler blowout sprinklers blownout sprinklers blown out is it to late need to get my sprinklers need to have my sprinklers

When can we be there?


We will book you on a specific day but routing and what happens on the properties before yours makes it difficult to be specific about the time. We don't want you to have to wait around for us so if you need to be some where else,  simply leave the payment under the front door mat (we always check there if you are not home) unlock your gates and secure your pets. We rarely need access to the sprinkler timer so long as we can find the blowout access and valve boxes.

If you require a more specific window of time we will try to accommodate your request but may require an additional fee if we have to break the route.

How to request service.


The best way to reach us is to simply text the following information to 208-602-1234 

  • Your Name 
  • Street address
  • How many zones you have
  • Irrigation or potable water 
  • Preferred date of service

It is not a problem if you don't know all of this, we will simply apply the pricing as seen in the "What does it cost" section  when we come out and see what you have.

If you are on a land line or cant text simply leave a voice message with the same information noted above and state that  you don't text and we will call you back. 

Why choose us?


  • Fast professional service!
  • We have performed sprinkler blowout and maintenance on thousands of properties in and around Caldwell Idaho for over 20 years!
  • We own and maintain professional level equipment allowing us to ensure your system is thoroughly cleared of water but not damaged during the blowout process. 
  • We leave your system setup so spring startup is easy and wont charge you if we can talk you through it over the phone. Others may leave your system disassembled or turned off at the main requiring special tools hoping to get a service call in the  spring. 

Fall maintenance checklist!


Fall (October) maintenance checklist:

  • Text Cliff to blow out your sprinklers!
  • Close foundation vents & take in hoses.
  • Change furnace filters & Smoke Alarm batteries.
  • Seal any cracks around doors and windows. 

After the first of October, the chances of an overnight freeze damaging your sprinkler system increases every day. Protect your investment by having the water blown out of the system by an experienced professional!  Text Cliff at 208-602-1234 to schedule your blowout Today!  

How do we arrange payment?


  • We take cash or check made out to Cliff Gray at the time of service. 
  • If you cant be home when service is performed, we can agree on a place where payment can be left such as under the front doormat and we will send you a picture of the work in progress or leave a business card if you don't get texts. This way you know your system was winterized.

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